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to a more conscious way of life
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Are you ready for a more conscious diet and lifestyle?

Combined with the FREE program

"To a more conscious lifestyle in 7 days"











Let's start: August 1, 2016

Join my FREE short program to discover 4 key strategies to get started

the first steps towards a more conscious diet and lifestyle!


During the program, you will learn how to:

  • learn to listen to your body,

  • eat more consciously, 

  • move more

  • to achieve all this at a fast pace of life!


Program content:


Week 1 

Why is quality (not just quantity) important when it comes to calories?


Week 2 

The right physical activity for YOU - hint: you don't have to spend hours in the gym;


Week 3 

Eat consciously - why you shouldn't skip meals and how to "listen" to your body's messages;


Week 4 

With the fast pace of life, how can you still find an opportunity to truly support your body through conscious nutrition and lifestyle?

How does this program work?  

This is an internet-based (online) program, so you can take part exactly where it suits you best :) (invite your friend too - extra support is necessary!).

After joining (via the form below):

  • An e-mail with one strategy will arrive in your inbox within four weeks (one letter per week).

  • You are a member of a support group where I share tips and tricks and answer your questions within 30 days

  • Support, motivation and inspiration for 30 days

  • 4 effective strategies to take the first steps towards a more conscious diet and lifestyle (no crash diets or other gimmicks - we know they don't work!).

  • Invite a friend or 2 to join us too!   I believe that after 30 days you will be glad you took this journey! 


Enjoyment - Motivation - Inspiration - Support - Prize story!







Join today, it's FREE for you:












You are guided by: 

SANDRA TAMM, Conscious Nutrition and Lifestyle Advisor 

Read more about SandraFROM HERE

By joining the program, you agree that you will be added to my newsletter recipients.

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