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                     Sandra Tamm

Diploma in Nutritional Science & Therapeutics
Yoga Teacher Training graduate 2023
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Green Goodness
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"Love your body enough to provide it with what it needs"

My name is Sandra Tamm. I am a mother of three. My main profession has been an accountant for a long time , but in parallel for the last 8 years I have studied and worked in the field of nutrition and health.


The journey to becoming a nutritionist started in small steps in 2012 when I started my first studies. I have acquired the profession of nutrition counselor in Estonia, in addition to the profession of Holistic Health Coach ( Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and the profession of Nutrition Therapist ( The Irish Institute of Health & Nutrition) .


Since then, there have been many exciting challenges, a wide variety of study materials, inspiring meetings, and very nice clients I have been able to help.

I am currently in the process of becoming a yoga teacher and I am waiting for you for a yoga class in 2023.

Green Goodness
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