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Webinar "AIP Basics"
18.01.2023 (In Estonian) and 19.01.2023 (In English)
Time: 6 PM - 6.30 PM

Autoimmune paleo (or protocol) is a diet (AIP) that helps heal the immune system and gut lining. It can be used for any inflammatory disease. Many food elimination diets are not thorough enough and often do not remove all inflammatory factors from the gut. AIP relieves both intestinal inflammation and inflammation elsewhere in the body. Although autoimmune diseases cannot be cured, their symptoms can be significantly reduced. The goal of the AIP diet is to heal the lining of the gut and keep the body's inflammation levels low so the body can prevent autoimmune diseases from flaring up. "Of course, this is just our interpretation," says Jessica Flanigan, clinical nutrition consultant.


The Autoimmune Protocol is sometimes called a sub-form of the Paleo Diet, but it's actually much more than that. It is an effective solution for autoimmune diseases that start in the gut. Nutrition is one factor in healing.


During this free webinar, I will tell you about the most important keywords:


- how to get started

- what to keep in mind

- how long the diet can be maintained

- who can follow this diet

- how to end the AIP safely


The number of spots is limited, so if you think that listening-watching could be valuable for you, register now!

Please select a time for the webinar:

Thank you! The training link will reach you a few days before the training!

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