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A selection of books in Estonian,which I recommend

The order of the books is random and does not matter.


"Handbook of Allergy," 2009

Linda Gamlin


THE ALLERGY HANDBOOK is a top work in its field, which has been the most comprehensive and best-selling work on allergies in England for ten years (the Estonian edition is based on the latest edition). The book is written in simple and understandable language, which makes it convenient for both ordinary patients and family doctors, for whom it is helpful in prescribing various treatment methods and drugs.

"When food makes a child sick", 2009

Ille Grün-Ots


Rin amamatus you will find answers to questions concerning the connection of allergies, excess kilos and mental illnesses with food. The first part is devoted to allergies: can the child's allergy risks be reduced if the mother monitors her diet during pregnancy? An allergic child in the first year of life? What are the first aid measures for reducing allergies? What are the main sources of danger? How to solve problems related to eating out? The second part is devoted to overweight in children: how to prevent obesity? What are the risks associated with obesity? Recommended weekly menus and nutrition education. The third part talks about mental illnesses related to food (anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia) and gives advice on how to recognize the danger and what to do.

"Biomolecules of the human body and their medically important tasks. Metabolism of the human body, its disorders and diseases", 2010

Ello Karelson, Tiiu Vihalemm, Aune Rehema, Kersti Zilmer, Mihkel Zilmer


The book is a further development of the authors' previous medical biochemistry textbooks. The book is characterized by a clear clinical orientation and the basicity of the analysis information on the human body, i.e. the arbitrary incorporation of facts obtained in the test tube and the results of animal experiments into the treatment of the metabolism and functioning of the human body is avoided.

"Atlas of the human body", 2007



The book is intended for a wide readership. Detailed illustrations together with explanatory texts make the book useful for high school students, teachers and many professional groups - coaches, psychotherapists, gymnasts, athletes, homeopaths, nurses, massage therapists and those starting medical studies, as well as general readers who are interested in health and taking care of their bodies. .

"Alchemy of Health", 2014

Rene Bürkland


The purpose of the book is to help a person get to know himself better by observing the signs and symptoms that the body gives us on a daily basis and to find the way to health through lifestyle, diet, etc.

Rene Bürkland has studied Chinese language, acupuncture, herbal medicine, qigong and tuina massage at Nanjing and Beijing Chinese Medical University for four years. In Estonia, he graduated from Tartu University Faculty of Medicine as a general practitioner and Tallinn University as a psychologist. The doctor, who lived and worked in China for a long time, returned to Estonia in 2009 and, in addition to treating and giving lectures, started to establish a Chinese medicine center. Today, he receives patients there and teaches Chinese medicine and qigong.

"Pukka lifestyle", 2012

Sebastian Pole


The Pukka Lifestyle book teaches you how to live a truly authentic life and achieve health and happiness through the wisdom of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient system from India that deals with physical health, mental balance, spiritual well-being, relationships and the environment. Ayurveda helps you realize yourself and live life to the fullest, considering all areas of modern life, from nutrition and work to enriching relationships and the surrounding nature.

"New World. Understanding the Purpose of Life", 2007

Eckart Tolle


A New World Begins With You. Based on the inspiring thoughts in Here and Now: The Power of Presence, Eckhart Tolle creates a spiritual background that enables anyone to make their lives—and the world—better and more meaningful. Modern understandings of ego, possession and


society and reveals the fears that haunt us all. He shows us what simple, life-affirming steps we can take to find happiness.
The "New World" shatters the illusions we live in and lays the foundation for personal development and spirituality. A wonderful journey of enlightenment awaits.

"Here and Now: The Power of Being Present", 2012

Eckhart Tolle


To me, being is the same as happiness. If you are not happy now, you will never be happy. You can only be happy "here and now". "Fortunately" being can be learned, practiced - this joy pays off. Jaan Tätte The quality of our life and ways of living have been most influenced by ROLE MODEL throughout the ages. An example in the form of a teaching or a teacher. We are all looking for the path to inner satisfaction - inner peace. However, everyone's path to get there is different. Today's rhythm and its oscillations force us to seek balance from extremes. From self-destructive extremes, in order to balance this frantic pace and the flood of emptiness. The book you are holding in your hand is not an easy read. This great work will definitely help you change if you are ready to look inside yourself honestly. Or in the following periods, this teaching will become your example.

"The water your body is crying out for", 2010

F. Batmanghelidj, MD 


You are not sick, you are thirsty. Don't treat thirst with medicine 

This book is the result of long-term clinical and scientific research on the role of water in the human body. Unintentional chronic dehydration causes stress, chronic pain and many painful degenerative diseases. Dry mouth is not the only sign of lack of water, waiting for a feeling of thirst is wrong. You will learn about many different thirst signals when your body is crying out for water. How to simply train yourself to consume naturally clean water and thus live a healthy and pain-free life. 



"The Health Food Bible", 2012

Chris Kilham


The author talks about all the main food groups and their related problems, from food irradiation to preservatives, and also gives a lot of specific recommendations to reduce the dangers lurking in the food world and improve the daily menu.

The "Healthy Food Bible" can offer fascinating reading even for those who have never thought about why organic food and sustainable organic farming and animal husbandry would be beneficial for both human and environmental health. The author also sheds light on the more or less hidden kitchen side of the food industry, from pesticides, hormones and bacterial contamination to E-substances and clever sales tricks of food manufacturers



"Foods of the World", 2009


The encyclopedia, illustrated in a handy format, contains useful information about more than a thousand food products, both well-known in Estonia and foreign. The chapters, easily distinguishable by color coding, describe the origin and types of food, the content of nutrients, and give recommendations for purchase, use and storage. It is a practical helper for food lovers at home, in the store and on trips, also providing support for healthy eating and preventing food-related health risks. For a professional, the work helps to refine knowledge and broaden horizons. The pocket encyclopedia is the sequel to the popular "Encyclopedia of World Foods" recognized as the best translated Estonian cookbook of 2006 in a convenient portable format.



"Mindless eating", 2010

Brian Wansink, Ph.D.


What does your favorite food say about you? Does the size of your plate affect your appetite? Why do you eat more when you dine with friends? Psychologist Brian Wansin discoveries bring to light the ruthless truth about how much, what and why we eat - often by ourselves  When restaurants and malls tempt us with tricks_ üle sööma? Kuidas mõjutavad muusika ja sisustus seda, kui palju ja kui kiiresti me sööme? Kuidas kaotada imperceptibly ten kilograms in a year?  

Brian Wansink, director of Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab, has and his team conducted a series of fun and devilishly clever experiments—such as the “bottomless bowl” experiment—to reveal our_cc781905-94cde-3 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_the hidden dynamics behind eating habits. Make smarter, more enjoyable and healthier choices today in the dining room, at the mall, at the dinner table - wherever you go to satisfy your hunger. 



"Psychology", 2014

Henry Gleitman, James Gross, Daniel Reisberg


Gleitman et al "Psychology" - the first edition in Estonian of the textbook that has educated several generations of psychologists, which is made especially educational and readable by several important factors: _cc781905-5c6de-3194d_5cbbbad583-3194
- modernity: The translation is based on the 8th, updated edition  
- lifelike and exciting presentation  
- scientific approach, comprehensive and systematic approach  
- a huge volume and complete list of references  
- explanatory glossary of important terms  
- numerous tables and illustrations 




"Autobiography of a Drinker", 2009

Paramhansa Yogananda


"A book with a delightfully witty humor that explains the reasons behind yoga and the opportunities for development hidden in it, using the example of the great masters and the author's own life. A worthwhile read both for broadening your horizons and for deeper experiences.” Ingvar Villido, kriya yoga teacher.

"The Autobiography of a Drinker" is both surprising and demystifying. It is not very often that a great yogi of the caliber of Paramhansa Yogananda writes down his own biography, thereby lifting the veil of mystery and mysticism that generally surrounds the teaching of yoga and yogis. Yogananda gives a warm and heartfelt account of his childhood and family, Indian holy men and teachers, his years of study with his guru, and his long-kept secret teachings on self-realization. On this journey, the impossible becomes possible. The knowledge stored in these teachings about the laws governing human life, which Yogananda gradually opens, also helps a person with a more skeptical mindset to understand and accept the strange.



"Food Rules", 2011

Michael Pollan


American writer and journalist Michael Pollan's humorous and wholesome approach to the Western food industry has captivated readers around the world. The Food Rules are divided into three chapters that address the questions of what we should eat and how we should eat, as well as Pollan's common sense rules for eating wisely and without harming ourselves. _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
       Because today the science of nutrition started less than two hundred years ago about where surgery was in 1650 - very promising and interesting to observe, but would you be willing to try the surgery of that time on yourself?



"Smart nutrition", 2009

Ian Marber


Smart nutrition is a revolutionary approach to a very popular nutrition topic today, which allows you to get the maximum benefit from the food you eat. Ian Marber's experiences as The Food Doctor led him to question the effects of single nutrients while neglecting nutrient interactions. He has long rejected the so-called one-step method of nutrition: for example, if you are concerned about bone health, eat more calcium, because in fact, in order to benefit from extra calcium, you need to consume the right amount of magnesium. He helps the reader understand the principles of smart nutrition by delving into each nutrient separately and pointing out which other nutrients enhance or reduce the effect of this nutrient; he applies the principles of smart nutrition to specific areas and studies many foods to find which other foods should be combined with them for optimal effect. 



"A heavy appetite", 2013

Doreen Virtue


If you are depressed by an out-of-control appetite, now you have found a guide that will finally help you control your irresistible appetites or get rid of them completely! In this book you will learn how to interpret and solve cravings for chocolate, chips, burgers, baked goods, cheese, ice cream and many other foods.
Book author and psychologist Doreen Virtue shows you that you don't have to stifle your appetite. Instead, you can heal yourself of cravings through a unique inner transformation. Dr. Virtue proves that every appetite is matched by a certain emotional concern—such as a hunger for love, a longing for fun, financial security, or forgiveness.




"Sugar - sweet suicide", 2010

Nancy Appleton, Ph.D.; GNJacobs


It is a dangerous, addictive substance that can be found everywhere. It's not illegal. In fact, it is available near playgrounds, schools, workplaces, homes and places of recreation. It is in practically everything we eat and drink. This white substance is called sugar. For a long time it was only associated with cavities and weight gain, but now also with many devastating health problems, incl. with cancer, epilepsy, dementia, hypoglycemia and obesity. The authors of this book, sugar addiction expert dr. Nancy Appleton and health journalist GNJacobs not only reveal the enormous amounts of sugar we eat, but also point out the link between health problems and sweet tooth eating. Also recommendations for a healthy life and recipes to tame the sweet tooth. 



"Healthy Probiotic and Prebiotic Foods," 2008

Tracy Olgeaty Gensler, MS, RD


By adding healthy probiotic and prebiotic foods to your diet, you can ward off disease, boost your energy levels, and enjoy healthy digestion. Here you will find delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes that will help your body pimprove digestion, ravida food allergies, neutralize carcinogens, treat rheumatoid arthritis, alower the blood cholesterol level, alower blood pressure.

Hundreds of recipes await you and you will understand how easy it is to achieve a healthy balance in your diet and digestion. As a result, you will be healthier and happier.



"Teachings of miraculous doctors", 2010

Jon Barron


People go to the doctor with their chronic ailments and pains and get the standard treatment: drugs and surgery. Joints ache? We will put new ones. Back is aching? Take the medicine. And if it doesn't help, then they are sent to a surgeon. Conventional doctors don't talk about the toxic load that most of us carry in our bodies, which is the emotional source of trauma and stress, or how our food can cause dangerous inflammation. All of these things cause ill health and disease, but conventional medicine does not adequately address these issues. Food and mood - they are taken out of the equation and replaced by drugs and surgeries.



"Bringing back our health", 2008

Virgo Mihkelsoo, Ljudmilla Mihkelsoo


The authors-compilers of this guide undertook the task of informing people who want to get better and who have been struggling with the disease for a long time, and to direct their attention to circumstances that can be eliminated by their own efforts, as well as to help increase the possibility and effectiveness of healing and healing in any treatment. The material presented as a guide allows you to get an overview of the deficiency of substances in the body, to find out the possible causes of illness and obstacles to treatment, errors and disturbances in the functioning of the body, which have very likely prevented the success of the treatment undertaken or prescribed.



"Cell Awakening", 2013

Barbara Wren


Human potential is much greater than we can possibly imagine, and is inextricably linked to what manifests at our cellular level. All the trillions of cells in our amazing body have the ability to store and use light in the form of biophotons, tiny particles of light. The illumination of the cell leads to the illumination of the DNA within the cell, giving us access to the universal wisdom hidden within its matrix. By aligning our microcosm [cell] with the macrocosm [universal energies], we begin to surface our true selves and realize our great potential.



"The right food according to your body type", 2010

Anjum Anand


One must be friends with one's body, and that is exactly what Anjum Anand, a TV chef with Indian roots, teaches. His theory and recipes are based on Ayurveda, a science of life that is over 5,000 years old. The book contains a lot of instructive instructions about nutrition according to your body type, but there is no direct prohibition and command, and no one is hanged on the post of shame. The reader is not necessarily expected to have a deep interest in Ayurveda, this teaching in all its originality and wisdom is simply an effective aid on the way to the harmony of mind and body. The joy of discovery is shared by everyone in Anjum Anand's book, and hopefully the dishes created according to the recipes of this healthy woman will caress the stomachs of Estonian people as well, bringing variety to the everyday menu here. 



"Treating children with natural remedies", 2010

Andrea Candee, David Andrusia


When your child is sick or injured, you want them to get better – fast. Although in some cases there is no substitute for medical care, prescription drugs are not always the best solution. 
In this book, you will find holistic treatments for common childhood injuries and illnesses and learn: 
• how to remove stains with a banana; 
• which herbs reduce fever; 
• how to treat bruises and ear pain with onions; 
• why garlic is a natural antibiotic; 
• how does rosemary hair water prevent lice infestation; 
• why peppermint tea relieves both headache and stomachache. 
And best of all, these valuable tips emphasize an approach that will help you teach your children not only how to treat illnesses, but also how to prevent them.



"Herbal Medicines", 2010



A comprehensive, compact and comprehensive handbook on the safe and wise use of medicinal plants. Recommendations for which diseases and how to use it are given for each plant. The reader is taught step by step to prepare simpler herbal preparations. The illustrated index with descriptions of more than 140 well-known plants and their medicinal properties makes the book easy to handle. 
The author is an experienced herbalist with private practice in London and Norfolk. Under his leadership, Middlesex University developed an undergraduate course in herbal medicine, one of the first of its kind in European universities.



"Naturally beautiful", 2011

Virpi Raipala-Cormier


Specially written for women “Naturally beautiful. The way to beauty and health" is a guide to natural and natural cosmetics and naturopathy, which combines internal and external, Nordic and Eastern wisdom into a whole.The author reveals the secrets of herbal medicine, aroma and flower therapy, homeopathy, do-in self-massage, yoga and traditional Chinese medicine as means of taking care of well-being, health and beauty. Cellulite treatment, weight loss, smoking cessation and maintaining youthfulness, among other things, have been discussed in depth.The book is full of practical advice, including, for example:

  • 120 phyto- and aromatherapy plants for health and beauty care

  • 250 recipes for making skin and hair care products and perfumes at home

  • A register with 450 names to introduce the raw materials of cosmetic products


"Nami-Nami Cookbook", 2010

Pille Petersoo


The first cookbook of Pille Petersoo, leader of the popular cooking portal and food blog Nami-Nami, brings together a selection of the most delicious dishes that Pille has offered to her good friends and dear guests over the past few years. Studying abroad for almost a quarter of his life and collecting recipes from different sources, Pille's incredibly delicious cooking baggage has become very appetizing and impressive. 
The selection of recipes and clever tips in the Nami-Nami cookbook is varied, versatile and exciting. All recipes have been repeatedly tested on friends, approved and provided with photos. In addition to recipe photos, the cookbook is decorated with cheerful illustrations by Ximena Maier. 


"Jamie at home", 2010

Jamie Oliver


"This book is very close to my heart. It doesn't make any jokes, but talks about how to make simple and tasty food all year round. When I started writing this, I didn't really know what recipes to put here, but there was one thing that quickly started to inspire me - my vegetable garden! 
Last year I realized that you don't always have to go to the wide world to look for inspiration - if you feel comfortable and open, you can find it at home too. I like spending time at home, in my childhood village, working in the garden with my boss, Mother Nature, and watching all the wonderful vegetables sprout from the soil.”

Jamie Oliver's new book "Jamie at Home" by England's most successful chef contains more than a hundred new recipes, as well as basic information about planting plants and useful recommendations if the reader wants to dig into the soil himself!


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