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Autoimmune Disease | Fibromyalgia
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During the initial consultation, we will map your current "condition" and together we will see what changes in diet and lifestyle would be necessary to support your body in the best way.  

The body is designed to be healthy. He always lets you know if something doesn't suit him. Conscious nutrition and lifestyle means the ability to listen to your body and understand what are the best choices for you so that you can feel good in your body. As a conscious nutrition and lifestyle advisor, my goal is to help you achieve this.

Some examples of the benefits of a conscious diet and lifestyle:

• Better digestion

• Stronger immune system

• Understanding which food or food ingredient is not suitable for your body (due to allergy or food intolerance)

• A healthy body weight

• More energy every day

• Better brain function

• Better quality sleep

• Better mood (mood)

Making significant changes in both diet and lifestyle is sometimes a very big change. It is easier if someone is there to support and help you and, if necessary, guide you to make the right choices. It is important to be consistent in order to achieve results.

In terms of long-term counseling, I have mainly focused on food exclusion diets of varying severity, which are necessary and healing for, among other things, digestive problems or autoimmune disease. 

The purpose of personal counseling is:​

  • achieve balance and self-satisfaction,

  • feel good in your body and learn to listen to your body's needs.

  • learn to understand more precisely the special menu(s) that your body needs and why it is important to follow it consistently.  

A nutrition therapy session lasts 1 hour,price 75 EUR/ time.

You can choose either an online consultation (Zoom) or a face-to-face meeting at Niine 6a, Tallinn.

The reservation is confirmed after the advance payment.

-> By canceling/changing the reservation time up to 24 hours in advance by phone or SMS (+372 509 3388), the reservation fee will be returned in full. 

-> If you cancel/change the reservation time with less than 24 hours notice, the reservation fee will not be refunded.

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